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Friday, June 21, 2013

Only "SECONDARY" by position...not by talent!

You wanna know plumbing...ask a plumber.

You wanna know medicine...ask a doctor.

You wanna know how to break NCAA rules...ask a Buckeye!

You wanna know how our Defensive secondary will look 
this season....ask a NFL Safety!

No..this is not a 70's porn legend!..'s not a guy about to find out if he's someone's 
Baby Daddy on Maury!

This masked Minnesota Viking 
former IRISH great!

With all the love our Defense has been receiving, and 
we all know who LOUIS and STEPHON are...

We know what Shembo and Day can do!

We've know Fox and Carlo are solid!..

We are hopeful of what Grace will be!

Only by position name according 
to RJ!

We all know RJ knows what he's talking about..
RJ's career at ND was decorated with great moments..

It started early with a pick six vs Purdue...all the way to 
showing Mark Sanchez the slant is off the table..

To the Utah blocked punt, to SHOVE momentum 
into ND's sealing the Michigan State game 
with a HUGE interception on the goal line!

If RJ was on the always knew FIREWORKS 
were not far away!..

Being a Finance Major he was always full of questions
whenever we were in the same place at the same time!

So guess what?

Tell me what you see when you look at our D 
secondary what jumps out to you?

-You know, they have a ton of talent, depth and speed.
Bennet, Russell & Farley are tested, they played well last 
year, and showed everyone that we could stop the pass.
Those three are not coming off the field!

What are you thoughts on the empty safety position?

 -Schumate is an assassin he's a big kid,
looks like he's been in college for four years! Watching him last year
he makes plays and hits like a ton of bricks.  You can also tell how 
much faith the coaches have in him...he played in several different positions
 last season...he's versatile. 

-Redfield...Wow! For his size he changes position great!
Could play day one..he and Schumate will have a battle on their hands.
He's played a lot of offense so ball skills will give him an advantage
and the fact that he will HIT YOUR ASS!
I'm excited to see this play out!

What about the young corners?

-First off...let's talk existing corners. Bennett Jackson is 
my dude. Great ball skills, his footwork since they switched 
him from offense has come so far!
Being an ex receiver he just naturally goes after the ball.
I think with one more season, he will be one of the top CBs 
taken in the next NFL draft!

-Keivarae Russell...It's amazing to watch this kid play.
No way when you watch him do you think he hasn't played this 
position for years.  He reached out to me a few times last season 
looking for advice...I told him that he needed to get into the mind
state of a defensive back.  You have to think that you are 
the BEST player on the field...that nobody can hang with you!
He's got moxy and confidence...he's special!
He's gonna have a bright future..he'll be in the league!

Okay..the new guys?

-Devin Butler..the thing that jumped out to me when I watched 
film on Butler was his discipline.
I saw a few times where they were in cover 3, the offense runs
2 verticals and the job of the corner is to midpoint himself...
The midpoint gives you the ability to make a play on either 
receiver...most young corners get burnt by this and play
towards one or the other..cause they 
aren't' disciplined...Butler has this naturally!
It's something you can't teach!
He needs to work on going after the ball and finishing 
the play..but man I can't wait to see him after some coaching!

-Cole Luke...Cole is my under the radar guy.  I think he has the 
best feet of any incoming freshman.  He's fluid and has 
good hips and a great nose for the ball!
If someone goes down...Luke will get his time!
He's underrated!

Are you pulling for anyone or do you have a prediction?

-Lo Wood is my guy, I feel for Lo getting injured and 
opening the door to this young talent will make it hard 
for him to re-gain his spot...but he's a battler!

-Redfield will be a walking ESPN highlight.
He is just to dynamic to not make an impact...
It would be hard De-thrown Farley..he's smart fast and 
just an over all good player!

-Prediction? seasons end..people will be talking 
about the secondary of the IRISH like they are talking 
about the D-line of the IRISH now!

So now your in Minnesota or how I like to call it
"little Notre Dame" how is it?

-The weather is a bit crazy..but the city is tight!
Real's cool to have Rudolf and Harrison here...
Then you got Carlson and's a hub for ND 


-Uh..yeah..I feel a no comment might protect the 
hearts of the ladies in the Minnesota area! 

And last but not least...You have a degree in 
finance from the UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME!
Who is the greatest financial mind of our time?

-LOL...I know what you want me to say...

 Thank you!

So there you have it brothers and sisters from 
the mouth of the south as we used to call him
he's says we are ready for primetime! address the IDIOTS in the MEDIA!

There are two worlds in College Football.

1. Notre Dame's World

2. Everyone else!

This leads me to my pet peeve of the week!

I watched the Idiots on ESPN last believe me
they are not on like a Subway Domer level or an 11 Warriors 
type of stupidity...but not far off!

They were reporting on the TOP TEN PROGRAMS for the 
next five years...what programs were 
"trending" in the upward direction!

Now...Rod Gilmore

Rod's stupidity on ESPN ( his school was 10th on 
the list and ND was 6th) was pretty noticeable.
Little bit butt hurt I'd say from his OT loss!

Now his rational was because Brian Kelly interviewed with the Eagles.
Oh..and Bob Diaco was a hot up and coming D-cord.
These were bad things?

Now these two things in his "idiotic" opinion were 
why we should not be on the EXPERT'S list.

So now your head coach being GOOD and people wanting 
to hire him= NEGATIVE?

So now your D-cord being a hot name, and up and 
coming talent= NEGATIVE?

Now Sumlin at A&M interviewed for the Eagles job also?
But that's okay?

Now A&M graduating over 50% of their starters last year?
But that's okay?

Their train wreck of a so called Heisman hating the city 
he plays in and can't wait to leave?
But that's okay?


I'd make you the Jameson Irish Whisky 
DOUCHEBAG of the week...

But it would be a waste of whisky!


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