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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sack up...Wipe your tears away & Shut your mouth!

One of my favorite sayings in the world is,

Well we have...thats college football..EVERY TEAM 
has been here before!

This week reminds me of a situation, almost 
EXACTLY one year ago, with a player I won't
even mention by name because I know right 
now EVERY day he is kicking himself for 
leaving the University of Notre Dame!

This player had a bright future...he was an elite 
athlete.  Had all the potential in the world but 
refused to be coached... Refused to listen to mentors 
around him, and to his own mother, on what life was all 
about and how hard it could be if he didn't maintain the 
path that he was on...

He left the school...watched his teammates go 12-0
and make an appearance to the 
WITHOUT him...

I made a statement last year on some message boards about this 
player...I said that our season would be just fine!
That losing him was addition by subtraction!

What happend?

Months later he called the coaches...asking if there was a chance,
a glimmer of hope of returning to the program that he once 
wronged....and the answer?

Who was that player?

Does it really matter now?

A wall will not fall if it's fundamentally sound, built
by the finest brick layers...even if one brick is missing!

"But...But...Our front 7 is so good now...and looking at 
2014 we will lose Nix...and Tuitt!"

"What if Vanderdoes doesn't come????"

"What if...What...if....What if...." 


This is the coaching staff that CREATED, and yeah
I'm using the word CREATED, Harrison Smith!

He was a gypsy before they came along...
" season I'll live up I'll try this...."
They made him into a first round draft pick!

This is the coaching staff that took THREE,
three offensive players and put together a defensive secondary
that was easily top 10 by seasons end!

This will fix it's self!!!!

I hate to break it to you...but Louis Nixs and Stephon Tuitts
don't grow on trees!

Kids with this type of talent, that can 
ACTUALLY get into ND are rare!

They are ELITE and day one ready players!

We will land more of them...but we will lose some also!

At some point you have to take a 3 star and make him 
impact like a 5!

You have to train and condition and mentor and 

You have to BUILD a player into who you want and how 
you want!

This is what programs like Stanford do, and NOBODY out there
is crying!

Let me tell you a story about a player from Texas!

He was a skinny 6'4 D End

He didn't have a extensive offer list...
Texas A&M before Johnny
Texas after Colt
Michigan with Rich Rod
...ND under Cholly!

He came to Notre Dame weighing 225 Llbs..
just a tad lighter than....Michael Deeb!

He wasn't 6'7 300lbs like Jarron Jones
He wasn't 6'5 240lbs and 17 years old like Romeo
He wasn't 6'6 260lbs like Tony Springman
He wasn't 6'5 260lbs like Isaac Roshell
He wasn't 6'5 270lbs like Jay Hayes
He wasn't 6'5 250lbs like Trumbetti

Heck...he wasn't as big as Marquis Dickerson the 
new "walk on" D Tackel from Arkansas!

But with his heart and Notre Dame's influence...

He trained!...he listend and learned and turned into this:
300lbs of ALREADY signed 
Baltimore Ravens future!

So stop your crying!

Don't tell me that one brick will matter!

Don't tell me that we can't win a championships with 4 
defensive lineman like Kapron Lewis Moore!

Don't tell me that the sky is falling because of one player!

Well guess what Notre Dame Fan Base?

YOU are the Douchebag of the week!

That's right my beloved ND family is the winner of the 
Jameson Irish Whisky DOUCHEBAG of the week award!

Why?...just like I said at the beginning...

Every team has been here before!

That makes me the biggest douchebag of them all!

Cause NOT every team has been here before!

Not every team has:

A 3 Time Coach of the Year at the helm!

A QB with NO CEILING for his potential!

One of the best sets of asst. Coaches in football!

15 returning starters from a regular season undefeated team
that actually beat a schedule that you should be 
proud of and not embarrassed!

Unbelievable talent arriving in 2 weeks to re-stock the shelves!

And...a current recruiting class that has the potential of being
the best Kelly has brought to South Bend yet!!...not everybody has been here before!

Lets remember who we are...and ACT LIKE IT!


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