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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Good to Great!...IRISH STYLE!..

One of my favorite books on business is GOOD to GREAT!

One line that always seems to stick out to me no matter
how many times I read the book is...
"Doesn't matter where your bus is headed...but more
importantly..Who's on the bus!"

This flashed to the front of my mind watching the 
NEW O-Line for the Irish!

Thursday, I was told that the staff thinks that the O line 
RIGHT NOW, is better than at any point the entire 
season last year!

That...makes me very excited!

One reason?...fundamentals!

The other reason?
Who's teaching class!

Louis Nix is SCHOOLING young Martin on how to 
compete against the "elite" of D-Linemen in this sport!

Don't underestimate how unique this situation is for Notre Dame!

Wanna know why BAMA's O-Line is so good?

Our Line will face, on a daily basis...NIX-TUITT-DAY..ect!...

Think they will see anyone even close to that in the first 11 games?

What you don't see in a 2 minute practice video, is EVERYTHING
that matters!...In practice on Friday Nix lined up vs Martin and in 
what I saw to be more of a 1/2 speed drill, Martin PANCAKED 
Big Lou twice...then like clockwork Nix got 
pissed and BOOOOOOOOM!!!

Let him know who was Daniel and who was Mr. Miyagi!


This was a learning moment...and one that most players 
don't get until they face other teams!

The O-Line is extremely athletic...They move as one, and 
remind me of cartoons I remember as a kid!...
Separate they are VERY strong...but working together 
they can be one big...bad UNIT!

The run game I think, as RIDICULOUS as this may 
sound...may be better this season than last!

Let's talk about who's gonna be taking advantage of this 
iron wall!


Take a good long look at this picture!....

Cause this guy isn't on the team anymore!

Atkinson has been re-born into the LONGO transformation 
project...He has completely re-worked his build and for the
first time since he arrived at ND...looks and runs like a legit 
D1 1200 yard rusher!

And he knows it!...He hits the whole like a bullet and seems to 
run with lower pad level doesn't go down after first contact,
and has not lost speed by adding more 
lean muscle!

He's thicker...stronger...and more aware of his role in the offense.


This kid realizes that under GAIII the slot is WIDE OPEN and 
has taken advantage of every snap thrown his way!

Cam is smart...he knows that like the astroid in Armageddon
there are BIG ROCKS heading to campus in June...and 
there is nothing he can do to stop them from arriving!

He catches the ball fluid in the open field and is 
like a 69NOVA...he might not be the fastest car
on the street...but he's quick and powerful!

He's gonna be a BIG surprise in my opinion!


This is our POWER back...I love Will!

I think he's got all the tools and skill but hasn't 
seen many reps with the first team O-Line...

Spring Game for Mahone's chance to shine!

let a brother down!.... You know what your capable of!

Then...the arrival of:


So...running the ball...I think won't be an issue!

Jesse Palmer during his Michigan breakdown last night on ESPN
said..."I think Michigan's first loss will be under the lights 
to Notre Dame...Notre Dame will have a much improved 
offense!" wanna call me a Kool Aid Drinker...sounds like 
I'm not the only one!


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