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Friday, June 8, 2012


Like Uncle Sam calling re-enforcements 
Jaylon Smith is not quiet about his goals for ND!
This is a tweet following up a "sale" Jaylon 
was proposing of all the gear he recived from 
Michigan-Ohio $tate-Bama...etc...

How about i Just throw everything in the trash!!!
 Save all the troubless!!, 
No issues!! Yep ! Lets go Irish,
 2015 BCS National champions!

His next Goal?...Simple...
Surround himself with the best!...

Not hard to do when less than a week later...
4 Star ESPN Top 100 Defensive End
Iaasc Rochell 
Accepts the challenge, propelling 
Notre Dame's recruiting class into top 10 waters!

And from what I'm being told...this train is at
FULL ROLL and has no chance at stopping!

This is a very odd part of the year....LOTS of
pre...this..and pre...that!...

Last week we talked about how Lindy's was all over us
and a bit on Phil Steel....but let's talk today...
College Football Preview
Not Surprising that Cierre Wood, with over 
1100 yards last the cover man!

There are some good tid bits here and there in this
magazine...Manti and Tyler are on EVERY 
All American Team and "pre" 1st round draft
boards that exist....we already know all of this..

I'll never get tired of seeing Matt Barkley 
being called the greatest "Trojan"...LOL

Great article about what USA Today 
calls the "Notre Dame Conference" and if push 
comes to shove..maybe we join a conference and who would 
make the most sense...

The profile of the season paints a best case 
of Notre Dame finishing up 10-2 and returning 
to the BCS...

Then it talks once again about the 
The Saturday night games!

They highlight the MSU vs ND game
and the ND vs Miami game...
So welcome to being "relevant"

All this talk has gotten my creative juices flowing!...

So...barring a HUGE rash of injuries I just can't imagine
this being a season without the opportunity to make
some BIG TIME steps forward...

If everybody studies and stays outta trouble...and nobody
has "girlfriend" issues that they can't nut up and handle, 
we could be looking at a very impressive streak of 
statement wins and the finishing touches on a top 5 
recruiting class....

There is a lot to be excited about...


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