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Thursday, September 22, 2011

HOLY PANTHER PISS!....Here come the IRISH!....


Mark May-Dorsett-Heinz Field 

9 Time National Champion Panthers!

It's like Bob Barker always said...If you care about your pets get them spay and neutered!

Time to clip some kitty cat balls!...

Time to even up our record brothers!..

So who are the Pitt Panthers?
 Well I'm glad you asked, they are picked to combat the USF Bulls for the Big East Championship, if the Big East still exists by seasons end?

This season has been a rollar coaster of emotions...tick...tick...tick... It seemed like forever to get our cart to the top of the hill but only 2 quick seconds for it to come screaming down!..

With that being said I truly believe that Notre Dame has turned the corner, taken that leap forward by completely dismantling the Big Ten Champions last week!..

So our next step?...
The fighting Wannys!
Well, they got rid of this guy!

So far this season Pitt is 2-1
Those games went pretty much like I figured, except the third game.

 Game one they came out and went against mighty Buffalo!
  Buffalo managed to pass for over 275 yards, but did not pull out a win,  35-16 victory for Pitt even though they allowed over 400 yards of offense!  

Game two the competition stiffened!
  The Battling Main Black Bears came to the steel city to give Pitt all it could handle for four quarters!
 Now realax..I know what your thinking....Maine? Really?
But to their defense when Pitt scheduled Maine they were pretty...Yeah I can't even make that work!
Maine was able to hang 29 points on the Pitt D and almost 400 yards of offense but was unable to close the deal and lost by 6 points!...

Then came the Hawkeyes!
Iowa came in reeling from their battle with in state rival Iowa State only to let Pitt take an early lead but a 21 point 4th quarter gave the victory to the Hawkeyes.
Iowa continued the trend of hanging 400 yards of offense on Pitt and they limped back home.

Don't really need to be this guy to figure out that Pitt is just not a very good team!

But before you start popping the crystal and calling and talking sh#t to your buddies, neither was Michigan or USF and we managed to gift wrap those games!...

The keys to this game, and the key to kicking off a very nice run is confidence!

The first key to this game is very simple!....
I prescribe a

Tommy Rees to Michael Floyd
This should be the game that put's Michael Floyd into the Heisman conversation.
He's averaging well over 100 yards per game this season...NO ONE has come close to covering him and now were going to play the 119th ranked pass defense?

That's like putting a child care center next to a pitt bull breeder!

This should be pitch and catch for most of the night, then when they start dropping eight in the box and scramble to do whatever they can to stop Floyd from getting 200 yards receiving...


Cierre Wood is averaging right at 100 yards rushing per game and about 7 plays where he causes a linebacker to have nightmares for the rest of his college career!

This kid is special, and will be considered one of Notre Dame's best running backs by the time he leaves!...

Step three of the recipe?


Pitt's QB Sensuri has seen NOTHING compared to what Bobby Diaco is about to unleash on him come Saturday!
In three games he's passed for 3 TD's and 4 Picks!.. He's also been sacked 12 times!...
You think that 4 sack per game average is about to go up?

They have a great running back in Graham....I think?
 He's played no one and I'm sure he's about on the same level as MSU's group... So he should enjoy meeting our boys on the line!

Take away Graham and make Pitt have to try and beat Notre Dame with Sensuri's arm?

I like that A LOT!

Notre Dame right now is like a crack head for winning!...
They took that first toke...and BAM!!!!
They've tasted Victory...they've felt what it was like to dominate a team and never let up!..
They like the respect that comes with it!
But they gotta keep moving forward they are not good enough to take ANYONE for granted!
Too soon?

I'm not gonna be like the talking heads on ESPN and say "hey ND could run the table!"

But they have everything it takes to compete in every game!

Don't let up...don't gift wrap games to teams you clearly should beat...

This could be the start of something very special!...


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