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Friday, July 15, 2011


I thought with this being the beginning!...the 1st issue collectors edition so to speak....that only a pic of me and Jesus (okay that's Jim Caviezel...he played Jesus in Passion!) would be appropriate!..

Now on to the juice...this might be a fun everyday thing...or a once a week thing!...either way...It's ND football all day everyday!....My thoughts! stuff!....Like it?...great!...NO?....Don't join up and read!....that simple!...

College Football is one of the only things that keeps me from climbing a clock tower with a high powered paint ball gun!....I'm not nuts!...just frustrated!....You try living in a town were the local fan base thinks that their team is "one of the big boys" and has only 4 outright conference championships and 1 National Championship in the 40 years I've been living! guessed it!...COLUMBUS "home of the delusional" OHIO!...

I welcome all of you to my gig here and we will have an open and fun venue to discuss what I feel...and my thoughts are what really matter to me, about life and etc!....

SO ENJOY!..and stay tuned!....


  1. Glad to see you got up and runnin' finally DF.
    Look forward to more blogging from you.

  2. Awesome blog! Keep it up cuz you are the man!

  3. About time you started an f'n blog.

    If anyone on this earth should be blogging it should be Damefan. Haha...use that as a testimonial lol.


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